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Featured Shopify Themes by Kalathemes
Hand-picked featured Shopify themes by Kalathemes for wide range of online stores. Our themes are built from the latest web development trends to provide the higher performance, faster website access, SEO optimized, AMP supported and more. Themes' UI/UX are also optimized for mobile users. All themes are created by our experience designers and developers, passed QC & QA tests.
Newest Shopify Themes
We release only high-quality themes which are carefully reviewed and passed by our extremely talent QA team. We can make sure that all of our themes will definitely meet functionality standard, perfectly pixel design and clean code, and more and more than that. What you receive will be out of your expectation!
These are on-top quality themes for Shopify platforms. We create these amazing templates for store owners, who can use them easily without programming knowledge needed. Come to us, you will find yourself a wonderful tool to boost your business effectively without wasting human resources or any other costs. Check out our creative designs with powerful functionalities and start selling products in a few minutes with our high quality themes right away. What else are you waiting for?
Shopify Template are the best choice
  • There are so many reasons for online businesses to choose Shopify as an effective supporter nowadays. Besides lots of stand-out features, having a good back-end tool is one of the most remarkable things which makes it more trustworthy and impeccable. There is no doubt that Shopify outperforms many other ecommerce platforms as it integrates desirable traits, but simpler and more efficient than the others that are at the same price.
  • Shopify was always our first choice. It does not happen often, but if there is any feature not available on Shopify, we are always ready to learn and do our best to perfect it. How great and reliable are the features of Shopify? How beautiful are the designs and the templates? Why don't we look for the answers as well as explore the reasons why this is the number one choice to boost your business by taking a look on these following descriptions.
Premium Support
Any questions about our theme such as Pre-sale questions or report errors, please help us open a conversation here http://kalathemes.kayako.com
We are working from 9AM to 5PM, GMT+7, Mon to Fri. When your question come to our system and the Customer support staff will answer it as soon as possible follow the timeline above. They will process ticket/conversation in queue (first come first serve). When your question come to our system at out of office time or weekend, it will be hold to next working day.
Mobile UI/UX Template
In keeping with the trend of mobile application development, BigCommerce also offers a variety of convenient and effective themes for shop owners to meet the needs of the market and to satisfy the purchase of the customers. Not just that, if you are used to working with code, you can also flexible use to adapt this great platform.
Fully Responsive
Design is optimized for all the most popular screen resolutions. When screen is resized, design elements are transformed smoothly on each breakpoint (from 320 to 1920 pixels) in order to adapt to the current resolution.
Section ready
Shopify Sections is a new feature that was recently introduced by Shopify Official. It make Shopify Themes more customizable than ever. Sections let you empower merchants by giving them greater flexibility when customizing their online store. This new feature allows them to easily add or move content on their homepage with just a few clicks.
1-Click installation
Easily to install the theme without coding required. Only need select theme package and Shopify will auto installation it within 1 min!
Also can upload more theme packages into the site, not only 1.
Powerful Theme Settings
- Drag Drop page builder
- Color picker to change color schema.
- All Google Fonts.
- Control settings, options, effects,...
Ajax functions
- Quickshop
- Wish-list, Compare
- Add to cart
- Advanced Filter
Transform your business with online store today.
After viewing the top 10 features of Shopify, we are sure you will have a wise choice to boost your business in your mind, according to the same advice of many experts and developers today. These 5 wonderful Shopify themes will help you to have real experience about our stand - out and incredible Shopify platforms.

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